Please scroll through to find your desired boat, click on it for more information, and take note of it´s departure port, as it will affect your total trip cost. Don’t delay to book spaces on your boat as they fill up fast. We are in constant contact with the Captains and can normally guarantee your spot the same day as the request, however if they are on the open ocean they may not be contactable for a day or two.

P.S.Why book with us? That’s easy, Our experience and knowledge in this trip costs you nothing, yes nada. There is no booking fee or charge for our services and you will have the peace of mind about safety as we have been dealing with these trips for over 7 years now and have sent thousands of people on this trip over the years.


Departure Port: Carti

Price: $550pp

Boat:​ 85ft Steel Motorsailor Monohull

Slovenian Michel and crew do a great trip with good food.  It´s big, at 85 foot this is the biggest boats on offer which helps keep the motion sickness to a minimum as are fast and spend less time in the open ocean, They take up to 25 people…. mixed between 5 private cabins, bunks bed for everyone etc. They also have showers available for daily use. they arrange some bonfire party is the island and we have heard good feedback for  this trip lately, some of their early reviews you might come across online and were not so good…

They can also take motorbikes on the upper deck for $450, heavy motorbikes over 500 CC $550, Heavy motorbikes over 1000 CC $650 and take bicycles as well for $50.


The African Queen


Departure Port: Carti


Boat:​ 40ft Dean 400​ Catamaran

Rudy has a very nice catamaran for the trip with 2 double cabins, and 2 triple cabins 10 people. There are three bathrooms on board and the boat has all the required safety equipment. The regular 4 nights and 5 days with 3 days in the San Blas islands. This is a great boat for doing this type of trip and we have only good things to report about Rudy and the boat. He is a fun Captain and makes the trip enjoyable for everyone. One of the few catamarans on the route so book fast as they are the most popular boats.

The Wildcard


Departure Port: Carti

Price: $550pp

Boat:​ 60ft Custom Steel Monohull

John is the Captain on the Wildcard has one of the largest boats at 60ft, with a fully enclosed cabin, double and single berths. He can take up to 16 people.  We get good reviews about the Wildcard and its one of our favorite boats, John is a good cook and you’re fed well and looked after, we also hear he cooks a mean Chicken curry. One of the better trips due to a regular departure schedule and a chilled out, highly licensed captain, young fun crew who loves people to let loose and enjoy themselves, within reason of course.  Want to go on this boat book with us well in advance as it is very popular. Fresh lobster & seafood meal is usually included and they will give you 3 full days in San Blas, they take Motorbikes for $500.


The One World!


Departure Port: El Porvenir  

Price: $550pp

Boat:64ft Brigantine Steel

Lovely big old fashioned sailing ship but in very good order and spacious for the number of guests. They can take 11 people, they have four big double beds and three single beds. Young, fun crew and one of the more unique boats doing the trip. They frequently get good reviews, especially about the rope swing! and laid back atmosphere. One of the better trips, back from a journey around the Caribbean. 5 days 2-.5 in the San Blas. Usually books out in advance.



Departure Port: El Porvenir

Price: $550pp

Boat:​ 43ft Beneteau​ Monohull

Argentinean Sebastian has finally got himself his own boat and is loving the trips. The Corto 11 is a nice 43 ft boat, the captain and the boat are well recommended by most of his previous guests, as is his beautiful little Spaniel dog. He did have a bad trip about a year ago and you will no doubt find some reviews on this on the internet, since then things have been fine with the people we have sent. Sebastian has been doing this trip for more than 3 years now  and its a great trip, so we hear, He takes up to 7 people in safety and comfort.


The Delfin Solo


Departure Port: Portobelo

Price: $550pp

Boat:​ 45ft Cutter Rig Ketch Monohull

Rengin and Tashin from Turkey/USA have long been in San Blas running these trips and the occasional private charter  They do a good trip and are known for their very relaxed atmosphere, interaction with the guests and great Turkish influenced cuisine. The boat and engine has undergone a recent refit and is in top condition from what we hear.  They take no more than 8 people.


The boat in San BlasLA PERLA DEL CARIBE

Departure Port: El Porvenir

Price: $550pp

Boat:​ 43ft Dufour ​Monohull

Fernando is the captain of this lovely boat and can take 9 people on the Dufour 43ft. It is a great boat for this kind of trip we have seen it 1st hand and can vouch for it being up to scratch. Fernando has plenty of experience doing the trip on a variety of boats. He is a younger captain and likes to have fun. Definitely a boat for those who want a relaxed and fun atmosphere.



Departure Port: Portobelo

Price: $695pp

Boat:​ 51ft Formosa Ketch Monohull

Norwegian Captain Jan and his crew are experienced, responsible and super fun. The food is also said to be really good and healthy. The boat is a 51ft Formosa, old boats known for the high quality of build and great comfort with a lot of character and good deck space. they’ll spend 2 nights and 3 days in the islands and are only taking 6 passengers at a time, rather than the 10 they can take.  For that reason they’re charging $700 to give more comfort and space to you.



Departure Port: Portobelo

Price: $529pp

Boat:​ 46ft Custom Aluminium Monohull

Mintaka is a custom-built 46ft. aluminum sloop, well maintained, very safe, comfortable and clean. Sail San Blas with a professional crew that takes no more than 8 passengers on a 5 day trip with three days in the San Blas. We have not heard negative comments about this trip and they are very proud in saying that they serve excellent food. They have all required safety equipment. I would say one of the better trips out there for people wanting a quieter more comfortable trip.




Departure Port: El Porvenir

Price: $550pp

Boat:​ 50ft Custom Aluminium​ Catamaran

Gisbert has a large catamaran and can take up to 15 people.  One of the bigger boats doing the trip and being a  Catamaran it can be a little less rocky in the rough seas. We have heard pretty good things about the trip. The boat is not luxury, more like a floating hostel with dorm style beds and a couple of cabins. They also have a canoe on board for you to explore the islands. He does a regular 5 day and 4 night trip with 3 days in the San Blas. He has some snorkeling equipment and water toys on board.



Departure Port: El Porvenir

Price: $550pp

Boat:​ Monohull

Fabian has been doing this trip since about the start so you can’t get more experience on this route. He gets great reviews and is a very easy going Colombian captain. The trip is generally 5 days and 4 nights, with 3 days in the san blas islands. The boat has two double cabins a 4 bed cabin and a double berth in the saloon. They take up to 10ppl and reviews are almost always very positive.  We have no problem at saying go with Fabian and have a great time.


The boat


Departure Port: Portobelo

Price: $550pp

Boat:​ 52ft Ketch ​Monohull

The Luka with Bea is a lovley 56ft Ketch. She does do a 5 day trip from Portobelo to Cartagena with three days in the San Blas. They have good food, music and limited internet on board. 3 meals a day, coffee, tea, juices, snacks, fruits and rum & coke with dinner included in the price fresh meals and lots of fruit and snacks and will take sports equipment free of charge. The reviews usually come in good and this looks like a fun trip, did have some complaints recently, but just the one trip. 5 days $550usd pp and $580usd pp for Kosher or vegetarians to have meals prepared separately from the main meal for everyone. They take up to 12ppl.


Sailing Maratonga


Departure Port: Portobelo


Boat:​ 52ft Steel Monohull fr the

Humberto has more than 25 years of sailing experience. In that time he has sailed extensively throughout the Caribbean and the Pacific as well as crossing the Atlantic and sailing throughout the Mediterranean.Humberto is one of the pioneers of this route; he has been doing the Panama-Colombia trips for almost 15 years. He recently acquired this boat and so far feedback has been positive. He was on the Odessey 11 for a while with mixed feedback from guests. He can take up to 10ppl.


In San Blas


Departure port: Carti

Price: $550pp

Boat: 43 ft blue water sloop Monohull

Captain Bryan runs this trip from El Porvenir and does a nice five day trip to Cartagena. His boat is a blue water 43ft and there is snorkelling gear on board for everybody. Expect spear fishing, good food, beach barbecues. The boat has two double beds and four singles meaning Bryan can take up to eight people. Bryan is an experienced captain and has sailed all over the world, he has been doing this particular trip for three years now. His Irish hostess/chef Maeve will look after while you’re onboard and offers beach yoga and massages to guests.



Departure Port: Carti to La Miel

Price: $375pp

Boat:​ Fiberglass Fast Boat

San Blas Adventures rout takes you from Carti to La Miel, down through the full archipelago, visiting parts of San Blas no other trip goes to.  being on a speed boat means you get to spend most of the time on the islands.  In 4 days you are only on the boat around 8 hours in total and there is no ocean crossing.  On the trip you’ll sleep on the islands, spending two nights in Kuna villages and one night camping on a deserted island.  The crew has years of experience both in boating and in San Blas.  They work closely with the Kuna giving you a unique opportunity to meet the people as well as experience the pristine beaches and waters on offer. The trip finishes in La Miel, near Sapzurro & Capurgana, beautiful Caribbean bays on the border of Panama & Colombia.  From there it is one day travel by boat and bus to Cartagena or Medellin.