Delfin Solo

The Delfin Solo – Sailing between Panama & Colombia – $550pp

Live the NAME

Rengin and Tashin from Turkey/USA have long been in San blas running these trips and the occasional private charter They do a good trip and are known for their very relaxed atmosphere, interaction with the guests and great Turkish influenced cuisine. The boat and engine has undergone a recent refit and is in top condition from what we hear.
Delfin Solo is a 45ft, cutter rig sailboat with full keel, lots of deck space and very large cockpit. We take six to eight people.
We both have over 30 yrs sailing experience. We have been cruising with Delfin Solo for the last four and a half years.

The Captain

Name: Rengin and Tashin
Nationality: Turkey/USA

The Boat

Type: 45ft Cutter Rig Ketch Monohull
Number of Passengers: Up to 8 ppl

What is Included

We do a good trip and are know for us very relaxed atmosphere and interaction with the guests.
Snorkeling equipment
We provide the food and water
We pay for checking fees, lobster.
Spear guns
Not included
Snacks and alcoholic beverages
The guests are welcome to bring along there own alcohol and snacks, but take into consideration that with such a long trip fridge space is limited, so a bottle of Rum or some wine might be better than 10 “12 packs” of beer… We cater for everyone including vegetarians and Vegans, but please let us know in advance so we can shop accordingly.

Departure and arrival information

The trip is between Cartagena (Colombia) – Portobelo (Panama)

Price and payment

We charge $550 for a five day trip with 3 days in San Blas.

Do not forget

– Sunscreen
– Seasickness pills, most of the captains recommend Dramamine
– Snacks
– etc
We look forward to you joining us on our next sailing adventure from Panama to Colombia or vice versa via the San Blas islands

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