Fregatla – Sailing between Panama & Colombia – US$550pp

Fregatla is a 43 foot Dufor Atill, It has 4 double Cabins and is equipped with all the necessary safety equipment. It has a 2 spacious bathroom and a great deck for lounging. With its 43 feet the Fregatla has more than enough space for all of its 10 passengers and two crew. There are snorkel fins and masks for all of the passengers, as well as fishing gear. Israel is running the show and from what we hear does a great trip.

The Captain

Name: Israel
Nationality: Spainish

The Boat

Type: 43ft Dufor Atoll
Number of Passengers: Up to 10 ppl

What is Included

Snorkel fins and masks for all of the passengers
Fishing Gear
Not included
Snacks and alcoholic beverages

Departure and arrival information

The trip is between Cartagena (Colombia) – Puerto Lindo (Panama)

Price and payment

Price Per Person

Do not forget

– Sunscreen
– Seasickness pills, most of the captains recommend Dramamine
– Snacks
– etc

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